SDECS Performance Calibration

SDECS Tuning is a professional custom engine calibration and dyno tuning service company. Specializing in high performance vehicles, we provide calibrations for many of today's tuner vehicles using a Dyno Dynamics load bearing chassis dyno. For systems requiring an external wideband oxygen sensor, we exclusively use ECM products. For software editing and data gathering, only high level professionals have as many programs and hardware for various needs as we have. These professional tools represent our approach in high quality tuning. When searching for a dyno tuning facility, having a load bearing dyno with the ability to control a constant speed or rpm test with varying load values is the ONLY way to ensure a proper calibration to the ECU. We offer tuning services for stock calibratable ECU's and race car stand alone systems such as MoTeC, Holley, AEM, FAST and BIG Stuff 3.