Performance Calibration Pricing

We have very affordable pricing for all your performance custom tuning needs. Before making an appointment, please be sure to read our Pre-Calibration Checklist. There are no refunds or discounts if we are not able to completely tune the vehicle due to reasons stated in our pre-calibration checklist. Please be sure the vehicle is ready to be tuned.

Calibration Pricing is subject to modifications made to the vehicle. Here is a guidline to how we categorize modifications.

Mild Modification Items - Factory Supercharger/Turbo, Cold Air Intake, Gears, Exhaust Midpipe and/or Catback

Medium Modification Items - Intake Manifold, Exhaust Headers, Throttle Body, Aftermarket Supercharger/Turbo

Heavy Modification Items - Compression / Displacement Change, Ported Heads, Cams, >14.7psig

European Vehicle Tuning Prices

Domestic Vehicle Tuning Prices

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