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In an energy efficiency effort, SDECS has developed a calibration strategy designed for the sole purpose of increasing fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions. Our Efficient Vehicle Initiative is practical at any scale and carries the potential to create large beneficial impacts on our economy and our environment. SDECS has developed these revolutionary calibration strategies that can provide an increase in fuel economy by up to 12-20%+ in virtually any vehicle on the road today.

The gains obtained from our specific fuel economy tuning lead to big savings on fuel expenses, an increased margin from fleet vehicle operating/maintenance budgets, and a noticeable and beneficial impact of the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Governments and businesses alike are seeking ways to reduce the cost of energy, reduce harmful emissions and locate appropriate resources for energy and assure its efficient consumption. The USA is estimated to have more than 250 million registered vehicles according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. With this large number of vehicles, there is GREAT opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions by increasing fuel efficiency of the vehicles that are on the road today. Large entities also qualify for lucrative Carbon Offset Credits using the SDECS calibration technology.

Top Reasons for Using Our Service

Who all can benefit from this program?

- City or State Vehicles, Ambulance Services, Car Rental Companies, Sales Reps, Delivery Drivers, Business Fleet Vehicles, Taxi Drivers and anyone else who would like to extend their money a little further by saving fuel and making your tank last a little longer. Fuel savings have been found to be up to 40+% while a large reduction in carbon emissions is also found.


SDECS Fleet Vehicle Project Approach
Our experienced project teams begin by working with your fleet manager/s to develop a comprehensive and customized solution specific for the needs of your fleet. This can include our Fleet Tuning Services, Vehicle Maintenance Packages, Driver Behavior Training and Customized Fleet Specific Consulting all leading to an increase in your fleet’s fuel economy. Taking consideration for Fleet Life, ROI, Warranty Periods and Maintenance Requirements, we create a strategy designed for the needs of your fleet and our engineers perform customized ECU calibration that gives guaranteed results including:


Please Contact Us for more information or a FREE TRIAL of our customized Government and/or Company Fleet Vehicle Fuel Economy Tuning Services and see how we can save you in fuel expenses and a noticeable reduction in CO2 Emissions.

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