About Us

SDECS is a company with expertise in high precision automotive engine control system development and calibration, providing service for more than 8,000 Vehicle Makes/Models. With customized developed software solutions we focus on working with core engine control and response functions as well as referenced modification tables to achieve exacting performance. Our facility in San Diego, California is fully equiped with a load bearing dynamometer, lab grade gas analyzing equipment, professional testing and measurement data aquisition software and hardware as well as diagnostic system testing equipment. We maintain these latest professional software platforms to lead emerging technologies and to deliver our tuning services to a large range of vehicle applications. Vehicles we service are also under our Insured Warranty, matching the time or mileage of your vehicle's factory Warranty. The technical expertise we offer our clients separates our services from others and our customized tuning solutions provide application specific strategies that meet the demands of virtually any vehicle.

Our friendly staff will gladly assist you with any tuning questions you may have and we welcome customers for performance tuning, fuel economy or fleet vehicle tuning, design consultation, race team support and more.